First Timer Faux Pas? Opportunities in Disguise!

O'Bee One and O'Bee Two
Puppet making is not always as easy as it may seem.

Mistakes are made. Fur gets cut, fleece gets torn, glue gets globbed. Tears can occur.

But, never fear! A true puppet-maker will use the challenge as an opportunity in disguise.

Here are some quick ideas for fixing those everyday challenges that are a part of a puppeteer’s life:

Glue and fabric do not play nice together. Glue over-runs are a frequent occurrence. If the adhesive holding that mouth together has seeped out into the visible parts of the mouth, it’s a great opportunity to add a tooth! Is the spot too big for a tooth? Add fur! As we all know the fuzzy un-brushed tooth look is a most attractive puppet feature, one that’s sure to catch your puppet a desirable date.

This is an easy fix! Using a needle and fur (or fleece) matching thread, hand-stitch the opening using the ladder or whip-stitch to close the cut. Or, if your sock is stretchy enough, consider keeping the opening large–stretch the sock open wide, tack the top, the bottom, and the two sides of the stuffet’s opening to the matching sock opening. Now, whip stitch the in-between quarters (the open parts between the tack points) all while keeping that sock stretched nice and wide. This extra-wide opening is handy dandy for fitting adult hands. Stretching the sock while sewing keeps the stitches from popping open later during the inevitable stretch that happens during the putting on and taking off of a puppet.

If you too have run into a challenge and have figured out a great fix — we’d love to hear about it. If you’ve got pictures, even better!

If you have a challenge that you haven’t been able to figure out — we’d still love to hear about it. Definitely include pictures and we’ll see what we can do to help you out.

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